The leadership of the Evangelical GIS Society is elected during the online international annual meetings.  Inaugural officers will serve in temporary positions until the first elected officers can fill their positions.

The elected leaders will work together to develop the constitution and by-laws which will be submitted to the membership at the next annual meeting.   


To be elected at the first annual meeting in May 2017 



VP Membership


VP Administration


VP Publications


Cartographic Missives Editor


Website Content Editor




Local Missions & Church Planting

cwatke-circlemaker2-sm.pngCurt Watke  (email), Executive Director, IICM (Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry); and President and Professor of Missiology & Evangelism at Missional University.  USA 


Urban Missions



Unreached People Groups

dsprague-circlemaker2-sm.pngDrake Sprague  (email), South American Research Coordinator, ALTECO (Amazon & Lowland Tribal Empowerment Coalition); and Instructor in Missionary GIS, People Group Research Specialist at Missional University.  PANAMA   


Minority & Population Groups



Geography of Religion & New Religious Movements



Immigration & Migration



Social Justice



Poverty & Economic Development



Health & Medical Issues



Biblical Geography